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Medical Record Evidence

One of the most important areas of your Social Security disability claim is your medical records. At Utah Disability P.C., we work hard to make sure that the Social Security Administration receives your medical records and that they show how extensive your problems are that affect your ability to work.

Medical records, work experience, education and special examinations help Social Security understand how severe your disability is and how it controls your ability to work.

At the Law Office of David W. Parker we have represented clients and handled hundreds of claims to gain experience and expertise in Social Security law and representation. We help at each stage of your disability claim to get any and all evidence possible to prove your claim with the Social Security Administration.

Have you been denied benefits? Call our office today and discuss your claim and disability with us. We can help!

At the Law Office of David W. Parker, we give you personal and local support on your disability claim. Our experienced and friendly staff can provide answers. It is as easy as picking up the phone and calling our office.

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