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Utah Social Security Appeals Firm

Let’s face it. The path to obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits is not an easy one. Denial of initial applications, the need for reconsideration appeals and, above all, the waiting are enough to frustrate even the most patient person. As you sit, unable to work, watching as funds slowly begin to dwindle, you may become discouraged, wondering if there is a resource you can trust — a place where you are an individual and not a case number. 

At Utah Disability, P.C., located in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are staunch advocates, actively supporting the clients we serve. If you have questions about SSD or need a lawyer to help you deal with the transactional and representational aspects of pursuing disability insurance benefits (DIB), contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Addressing Clients’ Needs Comprehensively

Our firm stakes its reputation on our ability to see clients through the SSD process every step of the way. The process of obtaining DIB is not simple and can be discouraging — we can address your concerns at critical points along the way:
  • We help clients compile information to complete their initial application. We have filed countless such applications and understand what is needed.
  • If a claim has been denied, we offer hope, helping clients through the reconsideration appeals process. 
  • Attorneys David W. Parker and Benjamin A. Johnston know the court process, having assisted clients through numerous hearings with a judge. Our firm will tell you what to expect and prepare you completely for the occasion. It is important that your attorney knows the judges, what they’re looking for, what information they need, and how to present your claim to each individual judge.

Representing Our Clients’ Interests

Our practice has grown out of the simple desire to help those who find it difficult to do so on their own. For over 40 years, we have acted on this, successfully helping clients maintain financial stability. We do this in several profound ways: 

  • We look at each client as an individual, whether your inability to work stems from a physical disorder, mental disorder or spinal problem, and take action that is appropriate to the situation. 
  • We take you through the entire SSD process, handling all matters related to initial application, reconsideration appeal and a hearing with a judge so that you can focus on more personal matters. 
  • We apprise clients of options, such as dire needs cases or those over the age of 50 claims and Wounded Warriors (VA claims) to obtain benefits quickly.
  • We thoroughly look at the matters that can affect eligibility to receive SSD benefits: ability to work and medical record evidence.

In short, we assist clients comprehensively, utilizing our experience to help people when they find it hard to help themselves.

Don't let discouragement or physical pain get in the way of getting to Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to. contact the Utah Disability, P.C., for a free initial consultation at 801-328-5600.

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