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Do You Qualify for Disabled Widow Benefits?

File Your Claim With a Disability Lawyer in Utah

If you’re widowed and disabled, call Utah Disability, P.C. In cases where you’ve been widowed, you may be eligible for benefits based upon your spouse’s earnings. We can help you get your benefits that would be more than on your own earnings record. We want to advocate for you so that you can live a better life in Utah. Call now to get started on your case. 

Why should you choose Utah Disability, P.C.?

When you need legal help to receive your Disabled Widow Benefits (DWB), you want to rely on a law firm you can trust. 

Call us because:

  • We have over 40 years of disability law experience.
  • Your legal consultation is free.
  • We take time to gain a full understanding of your case.

We’ll take the right steps to increase your chances or receiving financial compensation.

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