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Dire Need Cases

Salt Lake City Dire Need Assistance
Undeniably, the process of obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits takes time. The initial application process and appealing a denied application can take time. There are, however, times when financial or medical circumstances necessitate a speedier process. 
If your particular situation is such that you simply cannot wait out the long SSD benefits process, call on Utah Disability P.C., in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our firm can try to move your application forward so that you get the assistance you need. Contact us immediately for a free initial consultation to discuss eligibility.

Financial Needs
  • In order to file your appeal, you have to follow a five-step process with the government. If you fear that you will lose your home or be evicted from your apartment because you simply do not have the funds or the means to work as you wait to hear about your SSD application, this may qualify you as a dire need case. You may be entitled to have your case bumped forward. 
  • Likewise, those who are homeless or staying in a shelter, having already lost their place of residence, are eligible to have their cases immediately addressed.

Medical Needs
  • Our firm has helped those whose condition requires ongoing medical treatment or medication have run out of money or gone beyond the 20 months of coverage provided by Medicaid. 
  • If your condition is life-threatening, we strongly encourage you to contact our firm. We can help move your dire need case along quickly so that important medical needs are met. We have had great success helping clients get their cases processed quickly — we are not afraid to push to help our clients.
Don’t let discouragement or physical pain get in the way of getting the dire need Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to. Contact the Law Office of Utah Disability, P.C. — we have earned a reputation for success by effectively pursuing claims on behalf of those we serve.

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