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Can I Work?

Under Social Security, we are trying to prove that you are unable to work on a full time basis. If you do work, it can complicate matters. Nevertheless, there are programs and guidelines to consider
Social Security has determined that if you are earning as a gross wage over $1,170 per month, then you are not disabled, no matter what is your medical condition. Social Security will closely monitor your work activities if your gross wages are $770 or more.

Wages is considered income coming from a employer for services rendered. If withholdings for Federal/State Taxes and Medicare are taken out, then it is a wage. If you are self employed, then it is the gross revenue less the necessary expenses. Some income is not considered a “wage”. This would include disability benefits, rental income, investment income or workers compensation benefits.

At Utah Disability, P.C., we want you to work, if you are able. This is a big decision. If you can work, then you are not disabled. If you can work, you will probably have a better lifestyle than if you don’t. If you can’t work and your medical condition prevents you from working for 12 months or more, then you should pursue Social Security Disability benefits.

At Utah Disability, P.C. we give you personal and local support on your disability claim. Our experience and friendly staff can provide answers and guide you as to whether you should pursue a Social Security claim, return to work or other employment issues. It is as easy as picking up the phone and calling our office.

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