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Over Age 50 Claims

Salt Lake City Over 50 Disability Claims 

In a society that is living longer but that is obsessed with youthfulness, it is easy for those over a certain age to begin to feel a sense of disenfranchisement. This plays out significantly in the workplace. But after you have devoted years of service to a company, if you suddenly find yourself unable to work for an extended period because of a medical condition, you may feel even more isolated.

If you hesitate to apply for Social Security disability insurance because you feel that your age will be a hurdle to receiving benefits, contact Utah Disability P.C., in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a free initial consultation. Getting the over 50 disability claim benefits you need may be easier than you think.

Important Considerations

While many may think that after 50, getting SSD benefits is nearly impossible, this is not the case at all. It is in fact sometimes easier to process claims for those over 50. Our attorneys can help you successfully file an over-50 disability claim.

If your condition is such that you have a serious medical or financial need, we can handle your dire need case to speed along the process.

Valuable Assistance

Perhaps you have avoided filing an initial application or have been discouraged by a claim denial and not even considered a reconsideration appeal. Maybe you fear appearing before a judge. These are real concerns that Utah Disability P.C. is happy to address. We work closely with clients facing age impairment issues and complete forms quickly and accurately so that they can focus on more personal matters.

Don’t let discouragement or physical pain get in the way of getting the over 50 disability claim benefit you are entitled to. Contact Utah Disability P.C. — we have earned a reputation for success by effectively pursuing claims on behalf of those we serve.

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